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Why choose us?


  • We have 19 years of experience in manufacturing and assembling panel houses, with over one thousand houses already completed.
  • We specialize only in the panel-house-manufacturing field, hence we face the various nuances and issues daily and know the appropriate solutions.
  • Project managers monitor the project and take responsibility for it, starting from the agreement with the client and up to submitting the completed object Throughout the whole manufacturing-assemblage period the client communicates with the same person, which is very convenient for them.

The know-how of our project managers is constantly improved through various training courses, seminars and apprenticeships.

  • We use professional software when we design our houses, the most up-to-date technologies when we manufacture them and our experience and professional tools when we assemble them


  • We cherish our reputation and endeavour to spread it in every possible way
  • Many clients have chosen us based on recommendations. That proves the high quality of our products, as well as the general reliability of the company.
  • Ordering a house from us you will not be buying a pig in the poke. You will receive all the necessary information, accurate house plans, visualisation, texture and composition of the materials, recommendations, etc.
  • We always abide by the set deadlines
  • We never forget the fact that this house is YOUR dream house!


  • We provide warranty of up to ten years for our products
The company possesses many awards, certificates, diplomas. The most recent one is the SINTEF certificate and we are currently the only house manufacturer in the country to have it.

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